Podcasts for Fall Commuting

Right out of college, I got into listening to Morning Edition on NPR on my way to work every day. It's a habit that has stuck pretty solidly...but recently it's been thwarted by Podcasts. For years I tried to get into them, but couldn't do it.  And then Serial happened. It was the audio book that kept giving. 

After Serial, I was on the lookout for something just as compelling. I'm happy to say, while the below are very different than that first Serial season, I find them just as compelling.

Modern Love is a series of reader-submitted essays from a New York Times column read by celebs. The intro says stories about 'Love, Loss, and Redemption'. I love this podcast. It's the first thing I listen to every time I see it in my 'unplayed' list. Warning: If you listen to this before work, stash kleenex in your car. 


TED RADIO HOUR! Do you love Ted Talks but feel terrible you can't sit in front of YouTube for 50000 hours? TED Radio lumps together talks on the same subject and creates an hour-long segment about it. You get to listen to multiple talks and take away big themes. The best part? Guy makes sure to tell you the name of the talk the excerpt was pulled from so you can look it up later. Win win win win.

Listening to The Moth is like going to a weekly dinner party with great story tellers. Every week there is a theme to the stories and the compilations are from Moth events around the country. The crazy part? People get up on stage, without notes, and tell these stories to a large audience. This is a recent find and new favorite.


Guy Raz, host of the TED radio hour which i'll talk about in a sec, is an AMAZING host. In this cast, he talks to entrepreneurs who have MADE IT about their early days of their business. Think founders of Spanx and Instagram. Some serious success stories. It's inspiring and humbling. Do it.