Acrylic Dry Erase + Peg Board


Folks, I am SO PROUD of this project. We have a wall that was begging to be put to use between our kitchen and living room. I thought about putting a gallery wall up but we already have one of those in the library and I don't want to go overboard on one floor.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw A Beautiful Mess pin of an Acrylic Calendar:

When I saw it- there was a lightbulb moment. I am far too inconsistent to count on myself to use a write-in calendar. BUT a combo board, I could get on board (ha) with.

I used their tutorial for supply shopping with a couple additions and swaps. To make it simple- here is my shopping list:

30x36 in Acrylic Sheet

Screw Nails

Gold Spray Paint

Dry Erase Marker + Straight Edge

Scrap Piece of Wood

5/8 in Forstner Bit

5/8 in Oak Dowel Rods

Electric Drill

Saw or nice person at Home Depot to cut your dowels.

Let's go!

Grab your Screw Nails and head outside. Spray paint them gold and leave them to dry.

On the Acrylic sheet, measure the halfway point and draw a line. Within one-half, draw horizontal and vertical lines every 2 inches.

Grab your scrap wood, Forstner bit, and drill and prepare to make your holes. Get to a well ventelated area and use a mask. Slide the scrap piece of wood beneath where you will be drilling and put the point of the Forstner bit at the grid cross section. Pull the trigger and start drilling!

Keep drilling and drilling until you've finished drilling all of the holes. Or tell your husband you love him and get him to help.

Once all of your holes are drilled, you're pretty much finished. Drill holes for your 4 screw heads. Make sure to use a big enough drill bit to allow them to fit. They're big suckers! Hang your board on the wall.

Once your board is hanging- cut your dowel rods to the length you'll need to support your peg objects. I cut mine 5.5 inches long to support my penholder and frame. 


I added a couple of brass clips on the edge of my board to hold mail/inspirational posters/ save the dates. Literally, everything I used to decorate my board is from Target. #addict

Pen Holder

Brass Clips


So what do you think? Would you make one for your house?