DIY Magnetic Necklace Organizer

Spun out of knotted necklace fury- this DIY jewelry organizer takes less than 20 minutes. I was always forgetting about necklaces in my collection. Now, they hang in front of me, reminding me of their existence. The tiles have magnets on the back which allow you to shuffle around the spread- making it easy to add or subtract bling. Let's go!


Metal Sheet

Grid of Tile



Wall Screws

Power Drill

Pull your tiles off of the mesh backing and glue a magnet to the back. Make sure to test your magnet on the sheet metal to check you're gluing the right side of the magnet.

Once you feel like you have enough magnet-ed tiles, grab your drywall screws, sheet metal, and power drill and hang up your sheet metal piece. Pop up your tiles and hang those necklaces!