We Built A Library! Part 1

When we were house hunting, every home we went into, I was trying to find a place for a 'library'. In most of what we looked at, the designated space was just a wall in the living room or an odd shaped basement room. Really, I was out to get any space I could for my book friends to live out in the open, freed of their cardboard containers. 

When we walked through our house for the first time, my first observation was the formal living AND dining room. TWO ROOMS for being fancy. We hardly needed one. LIBRARY! When we got the house, my dream was solidified. Not just a bookshelf wall in a dual purpose room but an actual bondafied library space. WEEE!

I've had many a library dream over the last few years. Below was my working inspiration:

Basically, I wanted it to be colorful and cozy with lots and lots and lots of books.

When we moved in, our first projects to tackle were the wood floor installation, and kitchen gut + reno. #practical BUT we did manage to chip away at the room. I painted the walls before our floor install.

And then the floor went in sometime at the beginning of May.

I've managed to tag most spaces in our home that got covered up. Whoever tries to renovate our house in the future will find our names behind the bookshelves, in the subfloor in the dining room, and on a kitchen wall behind cabinets. I get endless kicks out of it. 

Once the kitchen was installed and we were waiting on countertop delivery, we were able to take a weekend to get the library shelves up. We used a combo of The Makerista and Little Green Notebook tutorials to leverage IKEA Billy Bookcases to make a 'built in' effect. 

The carpenter at work...

The carpenter at work...

Come back tomorrow for the BIG REVEAL!