November Makes

October has been such a whirlwind. I've spent about 2 hours total making something. And that is probably being generous. It's a cathartic feeling, getting to craft something just for the sake of the project. I have my sights set high for November.

Here's what I'm looking to make next month:

Real Talk- Do I just make my own word layout or do I spend time trying to find a book page that has something I can work with? TBD.

Spoiler Alert friends and will probably be getting these as gifts for the holidays. I think they look SO AWESOME.

I bought a plaid flannel fabric, probably meant for blankets, to use to make this sweater. I am SO EXCITED. #secretpajams

I'm thinking about the best way to rework my crafting room. No matter what I decide, these sweet little dresses will make the perfect artwork.

That's at least what is in the plans...I'm sure more will come up and less will get done. What are you planning on making?