Wedding DIYs: Paper Cone Streamers

Today Phil and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary! Our wedding was a beautiful occasion executed by a VILLAGE of people. I thought it would be fun to round up all of the wedding DIYs we did for the big day and share them with you this week.

First Up, Paper Cone Streamers!

We were married at The Neo on Locust in St. Louis Missouri. The Neo used to be a car dealership. We loved the space for its enormous windows, high ceilings, and open space. 

We were married on the first floor and had the reception on the third. I wanted to better define the alter space since the room was a big square so we made these paper cone garlands. 

I think they ended up being the perfect subtle decoration. Floaty and white- defining space without detracting from it. 

I found the inspiration and tutorial on StyleMePretty. I loved the thickness of their garland but decided something that heavy would detract from the main event. 

To make our garlands, it was a LOT of repetition. We went through 6 rolls of wax paper and more glue sticks than I care to remember. The visual tutorial by StyleMePretty sums up most of the process.

Key things I would note- If you make a bunch of cones and then stack them up all together, thread the whole grouping onto the string, spread them out and glue in place. It helps to make the garland quicker.

To pack everything up and move it from Denver to St. Louis, we stacked the cones into towers and laid them on each other. It worked pretty well. Once we were at the venue, I tied all of the chains onto wooden dowels and we hung them from the ceiling.

It ended up being exactly what I had wanted.