GIFT GUIDE: Gents Under $75

A list for the men in our lives! My husband is the hardest person to shop for. Some of the below gifts have been things he's liked in years past. Some of them have been ideas from friends. Good luck! Let me know if you think any of these would work for you!


1. A Wok Set: Because this guy shouldn't be reduced to a regular ol' frying pan when cooking. $59.95.

2. Leatherman Multitool: Boys love tools and fiddling with things. $39.85.

3. New Age Shower Radio: Waterproof Speakers! No Radio dial in site! Am I the only one that has a radio stuck on the jazz station? $36.99

4. Classic Shave Set: Make him feel dapper throughout the entire shaving process. $34.95

5. Classic Merino Sweater: Keep him warm. Encourage him to toss out the sweater with the holes in it...$65

6. SCOPA!: Fun to play with 2-6 people. I actually keep these in my purse. $20

7. Brass Money Clip: You're probably tired of buying him a wallet right? It's harder to ruin metal. $35.

8. Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit: Ingredients to go with all of his unique sandwich combinations. $38

Tomorrow we do kiddos!