I was too antsy to wait until now for a reveal, so here is part 2. We have crown molding! We have pendant lights! We have LED can lights! WOO HOO!

First the molding:

I can take zero credit for this. Phil nailed all of the cuts and it LOOKS AWESOME. I thought the room felt finished before this but now that it's brings it to a whole new level of done. I just want to smootch it.

We also hung pendant lights! Again- no credit really goes to me except for the online purchasing. To which I will say, I am an expert.

I think the black chords could use a lighter grey and white fabric to cover them up but everyone i've said that to so far looks at me funny. We'll see...

We also bought LED lights to screw into our existing can lights. They helped to quickly update the 20 year old settings previously in there and they made the kitchen BRIGHTER! But not in a weird blue way. I give them an A+ for price, impact, and installation time (30 minutes for 6 lights)