GIFT GUIDE: Kiddos under $75


Gifts for the kids! Only the most fun people to shop for- in my opinion. I'm holding out for someone to be interested in Barbies on my shopping list but in the mean time...

1. Glow in the Dark Stars: Always the coolest nightlight! $20.

2. Stomp Rocket: Don't be fooled by just boys in the picture. These things are awesome. $18.

3. Aspirational Bedtime Stories: I love Andrea Beaty's books because her curious characters have a lot going for them- and it's celebrated. $11 

4. Little Patient: Move out of the way Doc McStuffins! $55.

5. Goofy Dishware: I loved the ninja turtle cups I had when I was a kid. LOVED them. I also think I probably need this bowl. $38

6. Monster Feet Slippers: To accurately represent them after eating too many holiday cookies. $20

7. Your Favorite Board Game: I love the 'pop dice' sound on this one. $11.

8. 40 Pack of Markers: You know- the huge holiday packs no person in their right mind would buy unless it was the holiday season. Imagine all of the colors in there!!! $14.


Tomorrow- Gifting subscriptions for everyone!