A Wardrobe for your New Years Resolutions

Sometimes, to talk myself into exercising, I buy myself a present. I pick it out a week or two before I actually buy it and set a goal. If I achieve my goal, I buy it. Should I have to bribe myself to exercise? Probably not. But hey...it works.

1. This headband has a ponytail hole!

2. A fun strappy tank- because realistically most of your exercising won't happen outside. Unless you're an Eskimo. 

3. Tri-Colored leggings to brighten up the dark winter hours. Unless you can exercise at lunch...I envy you and you can wear whatever you want.

4. Stylish Gym Bag to get you excited about heading to the gym. This one has a large body with a zippered pocket for jewelry, a removable laundry bag for sweaty clothes, and a zipper on top so your sports bra doesn't fall out in inconvenient places. #lifelessons