Our First Home: Quick Tour

Back in March, Phil and I officially became homeowners. Whooaaa. Quick background on our home buying experience.  We submit 5 offers in 3 weeks. We fell in and out of love with homes as they came onto the market and then flew off. The Denver housing scene was chaos. 

When we walked through what was to be our home (yay! yay! yay!) we immediately started scheming on how competitive we could make our offer. We needed it. Te be fair- we needed each house we put an offer on but in hindsight, I'll gladly overemphasize our need.

The night we put in the offer, I was on the couch sketching out the layout and assigning rooms their 'purpose'. It was ridiculous and overly optimistic but hey! It worked!

And now, if you'd like to see, i'll share some 'before' pictures taken on a snowy inspection day in February.

Click on the image to flip through the pictures.