On Installing Wood Floors

Holllyyyyy shit was this a lot of work. Not hard- just tedious and long. Great thing about being a first time homebuyer though- you have no idea what you're getting into with every project. Silver linings everywhere!

Literally the same day we closed on the house, we went and picked up the flooring. Well first, we ripped up all of the carpet so we would have a place to put the flooring. Turns out, we are great at ripping up carpet. Hidden skills. Pro Tip: To avoid paying someone to dispose of the carpet, we put it on the free section of Craigslist. Within 10 minutes someone had come and taken it away.

We ended up getting pre-finished Natural Red Oak solid hardwood that was 3 1/4 inches wide from Floor & Decor.

We hauled 45 boxes onto a trailer, hauled them up the stairs of our new home, and then proceeded to haul them 500000 more times during the span of our project. 

1/3 of our flooring hanging out in the Library

1/3 of our flooring hanging out in the Library

We then tackled ripping out the existing wood floors. There was carpet everywhere downstairs execpt for in the kitchen. We debated whether or not to try to salvage the existing flooring but it ended up being more cost effective to just start anew.



We had dreams of keeping the kitchen longer than a day but we didn't factor the flooring underneath the cabinets. Phil took out all of the lower cabinets and then we got to work on the wood. 2 crowbars and 20 minutes later...

Turns out my favorite part of renovations is the demo. 

After everything was all picked up- it was time to lay the first row. Phil did a significant amount of research in preparation for the first row. If it isn't straight, your whole floor will be off. 

Look at that beauty! Didn't he do a great job? 

To spare you the boredom of partially finished floor pictures, the below gallery is for only those wanting to see progress shots. Click on the image to scroll through them.

Ahhh progress... And then, on May 11th, 2016 we were done. I may have accidentally forgotten to take pictures of the final product solo. So- instead here's my beautiful snapchat video with a sneak peak of the kitchen.

Disclaimer: We stopped installing floors when our kitchen cabinets came. We built a kitchen and then pivoted back to finish the floors. 

Ta-Da! I would do them again. Like I said, they aren't hard, just time consuming. BUT we got beautiful floors that would have been far outside of our budget had we hired someone to do them for us.