Baby Quilting

I've started a tradition where I make a baby quilt every time one of my friends has a baby. I'm currently 2 babies behind with buying/renovating the house. So, in an effort to motivate myself, let's have a look at the quilts I have finished, complete with the babies they were made for.

Ella's was the first quilt I made. Those triangles are no joke! Instructions for this one can be found here.

Next up we have Wyatt. The fabric choices for the foxes make them pop so well. I almost want to replicate this for my own bed. Pattern for this one

After Wyatt, Baby Grace came along! Her quilt was self-drafted. A.K.A. I cut strips and sewed them together. Simple, elegant, and classic. 

Last, but not least, Baby Jack's quilt! I still need to hunt down a picture of him hanging out on it. This one had another round of triangles! I think they went together much better than my first attempt. This is a self-created pattern in which I sewed 5 million triangles together. We chose this design by taking inspiration from here.

I'm now diving into making this one. I've got everything cut out. Just need some quiet time to piece together!