Building a Kitchen: Part 3

In which we talk about lights and runners. I'm a broken record here, but price tags on both of these items can be real heartbreakers.

Our kitchen has mostly can lighting (yay!) so I was really just in the market for some pendant lights to hang over the island and one potentially for over the sink?

Here's what I found with my shoestring budget.

Pendant Lights

I'm going to be honest, World Market takes the cake on affordable pendant lighting in my tastes. Quite a few of the below are from them.

Everything above is under $150/pendant. After all of my research, we ended up going with the Glenn Pendants from World Market:

We haven't hung them yet so you won't see them in the Reveal: Part 1 tomorrow but from inside the box, they are beautiful. I am SO EXCITED to see them in the space.

Next up, runners! I realized I kept being drawn to runners in kitchen spaces. I love how they bring an extra pop of color and pattern to a typically plain environment. 

Having all white cabinets and white and grey countertops- I was on the hunt for a runner with A LOT of color. I realize some of you may be thinking, it is too early to buy a runner! While I realize some people tend to buy rugs last, I find getting them closer to the beginning of the process helps me to pull together my vision. I also think rugs, like hung artwork, go a long way to make a house a home.

Runner Runner Ups (hahahaha)



We ended up going with.....

I thought it had just enough color to make it pop but not SO much that it hurt your eyes like some of my initial picks. I was worried carpet in the kitchen would get grimy and matted quickly. We've had the runner since May and, so far, that hasn't seemed to be the case. Just be sure to put a rug pad down! Without one, it slides all over the hardwood floors and just gets in the way.

Tomorrow...hoping to have the Final Reveal: Part 1!