Own Your Tech

I learned two things last week I think are worth sharing. They're in no way related outside of the timeline when I learned them. 

Get your 'old' Pinterest boards back!

Have you noticed SO MUCH of Pinterest's content is sponsored now? Or 'recommended' to me. Great news! They left a setting to switch it all off!

Go to your Pinterest profile page and click on the settings button.

Click on 'Home Feed'

Toggle the 'picked for you' button to off.

Ta da! 

Second- with the new iOS came out it changed the functionality of the iphone home button. i.e. it' super annoying and makes you push it AND use your thumb print.

Great news! You can turn it off and have your phone unlock using just your fingerprint again.

Tap Settings > General > Accessibility, then scroll down to Home Button.

Flip the slider on 'Rest Finger to Open' to on and then you're in business!