Target is KILLING IT in the Home Department

What's new right?

Since we're in less of a renovation stage over at my house i've caught the decorating bug. As I have yet to locate my trust fund, I've been mostly dreaming when shopping for pieces. 

But then, TARGET.

Below is a random assortment of objects I accidentally collected in my cart in under 30 minutes.

I don't even know what all of these objects are used for, but I know I need them.

Brass and Glass organizer. You could put ANYTHING in here.


A beautiful white vase to sit someplace, somewhere.

A harvest wreath- to officially acknowledge summer has passed and people like me need to get over themselves and begin to embrace it.

How fun would it be to sass up your shower curtain with TASSELS? It would be like a handbag in the bathroom.

Resin Whale book ends- which would be perfect cradling Moby Dick in our Library I need to show you.

A charcoal vase so the white one doesn't get lonely. Look at how well they're getting along sitting next to each other right here!

This beautiful, beautiful lamp- which sold out on me last year and I have no realistic place for, but still desperately want.

Oh Target, you temptress.

I Will Say Though- while perusing their site to get these images I came across some strange things for sale. As in, Target what were you smoking? 

Look! A jar of grass clippings. 

A box covered with clippings! That you can keep other grass accessories in!

Kinda makes me feel better about them ya know? Like, they aren't actually reading my mind.