It's PERFECT. As a lipstick fiend- I would rate myself as moderately hard to impress in this department. All of my lip color has to have a good pigment and stay on while I eat. Huge bonus points go toward not drying my lips out. Especially in Colorado- nothing turns a great lip like flakey scaley lips. 

This gloss meets all of the criteria. Recommended by my friend Chelsea, I tested it one night while we were out to the movies. The next day I found myself in the Target beauty aisle picking up a color for the wonderful price of $7.99. By far the pest price I have paid for a quality lipstick.

My first color was 'Nude Allude' which seems to be the perfect day color. I think it naturally works with everything. If you had to just get one color, I would recommend this one. 

After realizing how much I was LOVING my first color, I went back and bought a nice berry tone I think will be perfect for fall/winter. Forbidden Kiss. I will rename this to sangria potpurri because that's what it actually reminds me of. 

Fun fact, I have little to no self control once finding a great lipstick to have only 2. To round out my collection, I bought Shanghai Scarlett because everyone needs a great bright red for every day.

I think I need one or two more. Just to round out my supply for the season. I have my eye on Fuschia Amnesia and Blushing Ambition