DIY Shibori Rug

Last fall, I managed to kick an entire glass of red wine, I had so cavalierly set on the floor,  across our white wool rug. And it didn't just puddle, it turned it into a Pollock. Yipes.

Several internet search suggestions later, I had a big wet mess that smelled like dusty cats and had a slight rose hue. It was a big rug, 9x11 and I felt I really couldn't just throw it away. LUCKILY, instead of molding in my basement, I figured out the perfect solution. So perfect, that I wanted to share with you in case something this devastating happens to you.

To Shibori a Rug you'll need:

I used this link to get ideas on how I wanted to fold my rug. 

OK problem solvers- Let's begin.

1. Vacuum your rug. You'll want to make sure everything is nice and clean before you get started. 

2. Fold your rug. The below diagram illustrates- to the best of my drawing ability- how I folded it.

3. Grab your rope and wrap it very tightly around your folds. Again, a beautiful illustration for your instructional pleasure.

4. Put your folded rug in your plastic tub and pour 4 bottles of dye in. I say 4 because I wanted a really saturated look. If you're going for something lighter, use less. Toss in a half cup of table salt.

5. Fill your tub- almost to the brim- with hot water. This will take some time. Don't start this project with a loved one in the shower. Had I thought about it, I probably would have done this whole exercise with the plastic tub in my bathtub. You should use your bathtub.

6. Once the tub is full, let your rug stew for about an hour. 

7. After an hour, wearing clothes and shoes you don't love, pull the rug out of the dye. Undo the rope and marvel at your skills.

8. Hose down your rug until the water is running clear and leave it in the sunshine to dry. Mine ended up needing 2 days of sunshine to be completely dry. The neighbors loved our new yard decoration.

....Trumpets please.......I present to you....the rug back home!

I would like to quickly point out, taking pictures of large rugs is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I don't think I managed to get the full rectangle in any of my shots. Oh well. Moral of the story, when a glass of wine tips over, a shibori rug is waiting around the corner.