30 Second Dog Leash Hack

I think every dog owner has been there...you run out for a quick walk and all of the sudden, your dog drops a squat in a neighbors yard and you've forgotten a bag. Sammy's favorite activity is to do this while the homeowner is outside. It. is. wonderful, let me tell you.

One morning, Phil and I thought of this lovely idea to forever solve our missing poo bag woes. Allow me to solve this problem for you too...


Leather Dog Leash

Poo Bag Container ..Amazon has a 900 count order for $13!

Large Nail


Grab your leash and nail. Hammer the nail in the middle of the leash near the handle hold.

If you need to, twist the nail around to make the hole big enough for the poo bag carabiner.

Slip the holder in the hole..

And head on your merry way!