I did a gross foot peel because magazines told me it worked...and it was awesome.

If you don't like peel-y feet- stop reading. This gets gross.

I read a lot about the Baby Foot Peel around the time I was training for the Denver Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon. My feet were tough with callouses and my heels were cracking. It was really cute.

Refinery 29 and the Today show promised results for my ailments if I used it. The pictures were alarming. In the interest of a good experiment- and because my feet were really gross- I decided to test it out.

Step one of the peel is to soak your feet. Sammy was already pretty skeptical at this point and couldn't take his eyes off the tub. Really helping my confidence there pup.

 Once my feet were properly soaked- I put the plastic booties filled with peel on and then put wool socks on over them.  You're supposed to wear the peel booties for an hour. It feels like you're walking around in snot. Try not to walk for an hour. Or at least don't start a load of laundry and fold another one because you figure you have to wear plastic booties for an hour. 

After rinsing the peel off- I was sure something would happen that day. But it didn't. Nothing happened the next day either. Or the next. A week later, I got out of the shower and laid in bed. I felt something weird under my foot on my walk over. When I went to look at it, I saw this:





It kept going like this for roughly 3 days. If I could liken it to anything, I would say its like when you put elmer glue on your palm in elementary school, let it dry, and then peeled it off. (an aside- what the heck was my teacher doing that I could leave my palm full of elmer's glue for an hour?)

It was awesome. I would do it again. Unfortunately- I managed to delete the final pink feeted, uncalloused foot pictures. But, I couldn't deprive you of knowing about this peel. Go get it. January is the perfect time for it- ample opportunity to hide your feet for weeks on end.

You'll be happy you did!