Baby Quilting as of late..

I've been in the middle of a baby boom amongst our friends and family. It's been wonderful seeing all of the squishy babies. All of the babies have meant I've been busy quilting.

This one I made for my college roommate Kelly who had her daughter back in July. We were traveling so much then, I finally got around to finishing it.

Our college mascot is a tiger and, when I found this adorable baby tiger fabric, I had to use it. 

I have one more baby to finish a quilt for from June. I haven't forgotten you, Lindsay and Scarlett! :)

I also have a brand new nephew! We didn't know the gender ahead of time so I tried to make a gender neutral quilt. Sammy loves quilting and hung around the whole time I was piecing this one together.

Such a helpful guy!

This was just half square triangles pieced together into triangles. I'm sure there is a more technical name for it- but I thought it made a punchy pattern.