P.S. I Love JORD

On the eve of February, please let me kick the month off calling attention to the newest love in my life- Frankie. She's a wood watch- WOOD! Which means any metal mixing phobias sometimes harbored in my mind are completely resolved.

Beautiful wood grain. Large watch face. Color me swooning.

Along the lines of love, Frankie was made by a local St. Louis company, JORD. (hometown hi!

JORD is running a contest to win your very own wood watch. In need of Valentine's Day ideas? This would be perfect. JORD will custom fit your watch before shipping it AND you can customize the back of the watch face with an engraving. You could go sentimental with the engraving- a special date or nickname. I think I would opt for something a little cheesy. There is this quote i've always loved from anonymous- "Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters." 

I went down a rabbit hole once I learned about their product line.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Dover in Zebrawood + Dark Sandalwood: Love the contrasting colors.

Conway in Walnut + Jet Black: This one has such a polished look- perfect for a man with a lot of suit occasions. Or a wedding party?

Frankie in Sandalwood + Smoke: Frankie is a classic in both genders!


Fieldcrest Zebrawood + Maple: I've always been a fan of the big watch face. This one pulls it off without looking too masculine.

Frankie Zebrawood + Champagne: It's crazy how different this watch looks to me from the one I have. Love the depth and texture.

Frankie Purpleheart + Plum: This one is BEAUUUTIFUL and perfectly on theme for a sweetheart gift. *cough Phil*

I saved the best for last...JORD is giving away $100 toward a watch of your choosing! To enter, click here.

This post was written in partnership with JORD. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support The Denverette.