Fleece Plaid Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater

I saw the Toaster Sweater pattern popping up all over my Instagram feed and decided I needed to make one.  The pattern is extremely straight forward and, had I not chosen a plaid, it would have come together in only an hour or two. This was my first time matching plaids and I am quite pleased with the result. 

For my first time, I was shocked at how many lines I actually hit. For those that don't sew- matching plaids is a calculated task where you line up pieces individually in order for the lines in the plaid to match up when you sew the pieces together. Tedious but necessary- if the lines weren't matched the garmet would look busy and off.

I tried to loop Sammy into the photo shoot but he was on a mission to stubbornly ignore anything I asked him to do. Here you can see him on the hunt for goose poop. Puppies are disgusting sometimes.

The only thing that seemed to work was running toward the Photographer

The fleece I used is from Joann's. It's MIGHTY toasty so I guess the sweater lives up to its name. I need to stop trying to wear it on 50 degree days and hold off for the really bitterly cold ones. 

I forsee another few sweaters in my sewing future this winter- maybe this time in a solid color to give myself a break :)

If you don't sew or don't feel like making your own Toaster, I shopped around for you..