Puff Ball Shoes DIY

Puff Ball Shoes!!!  I saw these and decided I needed them. But the $90 price tag wasn't justifiable for something that seems so trendy. My DIY version clocked in at $45 and were super simple to make. The best part? The puff comes off and can be swapped for any other shoe attachment you have your heart set on. I'm working on a few more spin-offs to the puff.


Platform Shoes

Puff Balls

2 Buttons



Exacto Knife or something sharp enough to cut through faux leather


Grab your shoe and cut a slit in the shoe tongue a bit smaller than the buttons you'll use. To test the button fit, I made a cut smaller than I needed and slowly worked it larger. I tested the hole by pushing the button through the hole and when it was a squeeze but fit, I was happy.

Grab your needle and thread and sew a button onto your puff ball. Mine definitely wasn't pretty but I got the job done..

Push your button into the cut in the shoe tongue a.k.a. your new button hole!

Wear your puff ball shoes all over town! Or your back alley behind your house. Whichever works.


They take a whopping 15 minutes to make. Go get crafting!