Half Bath-Spiration

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Today I want to walk you through my inspiration for our #halfbathchallenge design.  Over on Pinterest, i've been pinning ideas for all 3 bathroom redos so you'll see a mix of styles and ideas on the board.

Specifically for the half bath, I wanted to do something exciting but neutral. Those sound like opposites..but I promise they aren't!

I also wanted to carry the look and feel of the kitchen/living room area into the bathroom. They're all in the same space so it was important for me to have them mesh well.

Must have list:

Brass fixtures (can't get enough of that brassssssss)


Circle Mirror..Weird thing to want I know but I really really love them.

Here's what I found that inspired me:

So what do you think? On the right track at all?

Next Tuesday, I'll share our progress on the project and some of the materials we're using. If you want sneak peeks follow me on instagram!

Don't forget to check in on Lindsey's progress over on Building Bluebird!