Loving Lately..

January was a long month. I think the whole internet came to that consensus. I thought it would be fun to share a few things that have been boosting my spirits lately in the hopes that they might do the same for you. Fair warning- all of the below are shallow and moderately materialistic. Sometimes you have to just skim the surface for awhile...

Fancy Deodorant

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist: I always aspired to use perfume but can't remember to spritz it on to save my life. Now, every time I sweat, I smell better than I did right out of the shower. It's the very best thing. I justify the $25 price tag with the rationale that my perfume dreams can be quasi-realized.

Cozy Pullover

Madewell flannel zip-front popover shirt: I don't technically own this one yet but a friend from work wore it today and she was hounded by us to share her source. The best part? This beauty clocks in at $30. Affordable/Cozy/Adorable/Upscale Grampa. Mine comes in the mail next Thursday.

Cell Phone Bling

Herb Garden Phone Case: I hemmed and hawed over buying this case for months. It wasn't that I didn't love it....it was that I loved it so much immediately I questioned how long it would last. Am I the only one with that reservation? Anyway- finally pulling the trigger and seeing it every day- I'm so happy I took the plunge.

The Perfect Pen

Pilot Razor Pens: I'm a fine tip pen gal. I find that when all else fails, a quality pen changes most moods. These have a super fine point and even when you write fast, still keep a nice ink flow running. No empty lines that sometimes come along with others.