DIY Geometric Plant Hanger

A plant installation with more fake plants! I've gotten more compliments on this hanger than is decent to humble brag about. And for good reason- I love it! It's SUPER simple to make. 

You'll need:

Copper Refrigerator Pipe

Pipe Cutter

Gold Wire

Wire Cutters

Gold Chain

Ceiling hook to hang your 'plants'


Fake Plants (you can try real ones but I don't know how well watering them will go over)

Let's get started!

1. We're going to be using a technique found throughout the blogosphere when people make Himmeli wreaths. The best pictures I found are from The Decor Fix.

Cut 12 pieces of copper pipe- 12 inches long.

Thread gold wire through 4 pieces of the pipe- like a beaded necklace. Keep the wire straight. 

Cut the gold wire leaving about 6 inches of wire poking out of each side of the end pieces.

Bring the ends together and twist- KEEP YOUR EXTRA WIRE ON THERE.

Form into a square.

Do the same thing 2 more times...

Cut a piece of pipe 18 inches long and a piece 10 inches long.

Thread the gold wire through the piece and once through, cut the wire leaving 6 inches on each side. 

Bring the ends together and twist- KEEP YOUR EXTRA WIRE ON THERE.

Form a circle.

You now have all of the pieces you need to make the outer framework of the planter hanger. 

To assemble the top diamond, use 2 formed squares and use the wire tails to form them together.  Twist the wire ends to connect.

Do the same thing with the remaining square and circles. For the tiny circle, just use its tail to connect it to the bottom of the square.

To join the two pieces together, cut 12 inches of wire and wrap them around the base and top of the joined pipes.

Next, measure the circumference of your pots where you would like them to sit in the planter. I used wire from my spool to do this.

Add another inch to that measurement and cut 2 pieces of pipe with the total number.

Repeat the threading and joining process you used above.

Put your pot in the circle and make sure it fits.

Grab your chain and cut four 6 inch pieces (check to make sure you like the height it would hang down before you cut)

Thread wire through the bottom link of the chain and wrap it around the circle you created for your pot. Once you have two pieces of chain on the circle, cut another piece of wire and connect the two chains together and wrap them around the top of each piece of the planter.

Once you have your circles hanging- plant those fake plants and install your feature!