Purse Gadgets

Today we're talking purse gadgets. These little guys are my favorites to keep around and are all AFFORDABLE.

The days of running out of iphone storage are OVER! This pocket-sized USB drive plugs into the fireport of your iphone. You can load whichever files you would want onto the drive and then transfer the files onto the computer later.

This handy keychain keeps a charging cable on your person as long as you have your house keys! Which basically means, any time you aren't home you'll have a cable. Yippee!

Cupcakes and Cashmere posted about this lint roller. With Sammy around, I always seem to leave the house with dog hair somewhere. Especially in winter with clingy sweater fabrics. This little guy fits in my purse and removes any hair or fuzz in a couple of swipes.

Ah! My travel battery charger. The poetry I could write to you. This little thing has come in handy so many times- i've lost count. Just get one. It's the size if a deck of cards and will save you in a pinch...like when you leave your Maps open through dinner and are about to go to the Adele concert on 3% battery.