Beauty Review: Rimmel Volume Colorist Mascara

As a self-declared mascara fiend, when the Rimmel Colourist came out, I was intrigued. Mascara that would dye your lashes in two weeks resulting in a mascara-eque look WITHOUT MAKEUP!

Too good to be true right?'s my 8 week experiment:

DAY 1:

The starting point. I have dark-ish lashes but the ends get lighter. Im hoping to change these guys from brown to black in just a few weeks.


Oh hey! No difference yet...maybe it takes longer?


and here you see.....nothing.


Nada. 2 whole months of using the mascara and I didn't see a difference. 

I did, however, get these weird purple and blue pillow spots on my pillow at night even after using makeup remover. I assume this was the dye 'working' or not working.


Overall, I don't recommend. So I'm not linking to it. Be warned.