#halfbathchallenge REVEAL!

IT'S DONE!!!! 

Well...almost. My new light fixtures from West Elm are back ordered and show no signs of arriving in 2017. Oh well. Whenever they get here they'll be perfect.

Lindsey finished this week too! Make sure to check her project out here.

For my challenge... let's remember where we started:

Orange builder grade cabinets, large glued in mirror, UGLY laminate. 

We gutted the bathroom pretty quickly (about an hour) and got to reworking it. Before doing anything, I painted away the taupe color with 'Frost' by Behr. Its mostly white with a hint of gray in it.

We learned we had to put cement board down before we could install tile. 

With the cement board down and dry, we tiled with tile found at Floor and Decor.

With the tile down, I got to work on my vanity renovation. I'll post the tutorial for that tomorrow.

After the vanity was together, everything else pretty much fell into place.


quick note..the shape of our bathroom makes it almost impossible to take normal pictures of the toilet area. You've been warned..

TA-DA! Makes me want to tap dance on those beautiful new floors!

Now as far as the $300 budget went..to be honest, it didn't. I hadn't planned on buying a new sink or faucet but once I saw how pretty everything else was going to be, I caved.

Here was the final cost breakdown of everything:

Gold Toilet Flush- $2.99 clearance at Lowes

Brass Toilet Paper Holder- $23 from ATGStores.com

Brass Towel Holder- $15 from ATGStores.com

Gold Round Sink Mirror- $47 at Target

To Be Delivered Sconces- $98 at West Elm

Drop In Square Sink- $130 at The Home Depot

Brass Faucet- $82 from faucetinhome.com

Cabinet Hardware- $21 from myknobs.com  Best website name ever.

Floor Tile- $45 from Floor & Decor

Vanity wood top- $40 from Floor & Decor

Paint (wall + vanity)- $50

Mortar + Grout- $30

Cement Board- $30

So..grand total for everything came in at $614. Barely double my budget which counts for something right?

Either way I'm happy to be rid of the eyesore that was our half bath. Good riddance!