#HalfbathChallenge Update: One Week To Go!

We're making MOVES over here on the #halfbathchallenge. Since we last officially checked in- we have tile, baseboards, and a working toilet! It took a surprising amount of work to get here..but this mostly stems from my lack of experience.

After we ripped the tile out- we realized we'd have to install cement board. This is standard for tile installation...but this being my first time, I wasn't expecting it. Phil ended up having to work the Saturday we needed to install the flooring so this is allll me on the install. #proudproudproud

With the cement board down, it was tile time. Phil and I worked on this piece together. He's the official tile cutter and I hold the role of tile layer. We make a good team and knocked this out in about an hour.

YUM. I could just eat it up. If we would have just stopped here, I think I would have been happy. The floors are finally level with each other. The laminate is gone. It improved aesthetically 500%

We ran into a tiny hiccup with the tile when we went to install the toilet. I didn't put tile close enough to the pipe and there were tile gaps. 

I was daunted by the idea of remixing mortar for such a tiny area BUT instead of mixing up a whole bunch, I grabbed a tupperware and stirred everything together. It worked perfectly!

I had to chisel away some of the dried mortar around the tile edges to get everything to look just right but in the end I don't think anyone will ever know it wasn't perfect the first time. Well except for the interet..I blabbed all over here ;)

Progress is moving on my DIY vanity flip. I'm hoping to wrap all of that up by the end of this weekend and put together a tutorial for later this month.

TROUBLE on the lighting front....West Elm emailed me and said they are back ordered on my lights! Next Tuesday might be pushing it for a reveal but I'm going to do my very best!

We have the rest of the hardware..my toilet paper holder, towel hook, faucet and sink came in last week. They are going to be BEAUtiful.

Lindsey made some serious progress on her bathroom too! Make sure to pay her a visit!