Travel Essentials


Travel season is upon us. WEE! I have a mix of business and personal travel coming up. So much so, that I find myself leaving certain things in my bag between trips. I use these things so often, I figured I would round them up here and share them with the wide world. Everything below is something I have, use often, and most importantly, love.

Collapsible Water Bottle: This baby folds up into a little plastic puck- perfect for filling up int he morning and stashing in your bag once it's empty. I feel like I save at least $20-$30 a trip on NOT buying water every day.


External Battery Pack: Seems like a theme here but I HATE when I run out of power. This is a life saver. 

A nice big scarf has so many uses, i'd run out of space on this page. I always bring one, no matter the season, and use it for a pillow, wrap, blanket, towel, picnic tablecloth, and rain hat. Make sure its washable and large.

Battery Pack Phone Case: Maps and photos drain your battery faster than normal while traveling. I have a fear of getting lost and this battery pack is a piece of mind and has saved me more than once. MUST HAVE.

Eye Mask: Weird personal fact, I sleep with my eyes open. This mask is awesome because you can blink in it. The cups don't mush your lids down. Probably a nice to have for everyone that sleeps like a normal human...essential for me.

Travel Steamer: This is a new addition to my travel pack. To be honest- I wasn't sure it was worth the space but OHH MAN is it. No more ruining your clothes because the junky iron at the hotel had army men burned in it. No more sweating in a cloud of humidity right before a meeting because your only steam source is a shower. Buy one. You'll love it.

Fun Card Game: Traveling comes with a lot of down time. I like to stash a deck of cards in my bag to pull out while waiting for a plane/train or while sipping on a brew. 

Collapsable duffel: No matter how much planning goes into my packing, I never have room for shopping. That becomes a non-issue with this beauty. Throw it in before a trip and never sweat about space on the way back. Unless you buy furniture or a lamp...then you're on your own. And I applaud your ambition.

What am I missing? What do you bring with you?