No Sew St. Patty's Day Sweatshirt DIY

IT'S ALMOST HERE! ST. PATRICKS DAY! I'm from an extremely Irish Catholic family so this holiday comes second to only Christmas in our books.

Case in point, my dad has shaved his head completely except for patches of shamrock hair.

Passion for a holiday doesn't mean he's normal about it....

Anyway- this year I came across a sweatshirt on sale at Target and thought it was time to add to my St. Patty's wardrobe. This DIY takes 15 minutes tops. Quick and festive! Just how I like them.


This Shamrock stencil- play around with scale on your computer to get it to the size you want. You can paste it in Microsoft Word and drag the corners of the image until you get what fits your sweatshirt.


Fabric Tacky Glue

Fabric Scissors (they can be normal scissors but fabric ones work SO MUCH BETTER)

Shiny/contrast fabric



Print out your shamrock template and cut the shamrock/s out. Lay them on your sweatshirt and play around with the design until you're happy with the layout. I wanted to make sure California was covered.

Grab a marker and trace around the shamrocks.

Cut them out following your lines closely.


Flip the sweatshirt inside out and grab your tacky glue to outline the shamrock lines. I put paper between the sweatshirt pieces to make sure nothing bled through. 

Cut your contrast fabric larger than your shamrock cutouts and place firmly on top of your sweatshirt.

Now, CAREFULLY, turn your sweatshirt right side out and grab a  wet cloth or cue tip to clean the glue off the borders of your shamrocks. The glue makes the shiny fabric dull so if you skip this step, it will be noticeable.

Wear around town proudly...