Instaration: Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is my social media of choice. It's a beautiful magazine of my dear friends and favorite tastemakers. When they changed the algorithm last year and went from a chronological feed to a predictive one, I realized I found myself missing a few of my favorites.

The solution, I discovered, is to like every picture that comes up from your favorite feeds. As a once passive 'liker' this initially seemed weird to me but now it's really solved my champagne problem.

Anywho.. I love learning about new accounts to that I know how to float them to the top of my feed.

Here are a few accounts I've really been loving lately.

Overheard LA: I've never lived in LA but BOY do I love this feed. It's great for a quick chuckle or validating the stereotype you've built up about people living in LA. 

Anna Rifle Bond: The founder of Rifle Paper Co- Anna posts some fantastic behind the scene shots, painting process videos, and sneak peeks of new products launching ( Keds!, Fabric!). Her design aesthetic is something I aspire to achieve in my own life. 

Notes 2 My Selfie: I think I've thought at least 75% of what Jilly posts. She really nails capturing drifting thoughts in a tongue in cheek manner. Careful with this one- you'll laugh out loud in public. Side note: her battery life gives me some serious anxiety. HOW does she go so low so often?

Target Does it Again: As a gal consistently falling victim to weak knees and willpower walking through Target, this feed points me toward Target's latest score. Realistically, this is a terrible feed I should never follow because it's so on point but....I can't stop. Oops.

Timber + Soul: If you love watching woodworking process, you'll love this feed. I have yet to figure out how to make my own wood projects look as beautiful as his but I feel like if I keep watching i'll eventually learn something.

Paul Nicklen: A photographer for National Geographic, his photos and videos are INCREDIBLE. It's a mini Planet Earth post every time you come across him. He not only posts amazing pictures, he teaches you about the animals or the context of the shot in his caption. It doesn't hurt he posts so often about whales. I love love love whales.

Who am I missing? Give me suggestions!