DIY Triangle Knit Scarf

Before it gets entirely too late to share this, and the weather hits 80 degrees, I wanted to post my triangle scarves! I LOVE these guys. I got inspired by a friend's scarf at lunch one day. I loved that she could wrap it so many different ways and change the look.

Loved it so much...I had to make two for myself! 

The pattern is incredibly easy. I would say it took me about 3 episodes of The Americans to finish it. You can make your own if you......

Buy: 2 skeins of chunky yarn + size 17 circular needles

Cast on: 3 stitches

Knit 1, Yarn Over, Knit until you're at the second to last stitch, Yarn Over, Knit.

Repeat this process until you're happy with the length of your scarf. To be honest, I lost count but I am estimating I got to around 130 stitches long.

Cast off loosely.

Cut three pieces of yarn 6 inches long. Bend them in half and loop them into the knit weave. 

Unravel the yarn to fluff the tassel ends. 

Pop your scarf on and strut around a brick wall like you own the place.