The secret magic of chapstick

Living in Denver, immediate access to a tube of chapstick is essential. I have one in every coat I own, every purse, every bag, and stashed in random cubbies around my house. I got to talking to friends about our dependency when the conversation took a turn. Nearly every person had another way they used chapstick outside of just cracked lips! My mind was blown! I want to share them here so that nobody misses the boat like I did..

1. Blister Block: Have shoes you KNOW will give you blisters? Or a lot of walking to do? Rub chapstick on the friction spots and call it good! I bought some of that BandAid blister blocker but I guess I didn't need to. I always forget to bring it with me anyway. Now my problems are solved.

2. Cuticle Cream: Instead of buying something else for this, run your chapstick across those cracking cutes and call it a day!

3. Heels/Hands: Speaking of cracking- in a pinch use your chapstick as a balm against winter woes.

4. Makeup Primer: Forgot your eyeshadow primer on the road? Apparently, you can sub chapstick in to prevent eyeshadow creeping into the creases. WHO KNEW?

Have I been living in a box? Or are these new to you too? What else have you used lip balm for?