Quick Traveling Tip: Spontaneous Planning with Instagram

When it comes to trip planning- I'm not great at it. In life, I appreciate planning and like to do it. BUT for trips and vacations, I find myself picking one or two things I want to do and leaving the rest of the plan open-ended.

You can imagine, this sometimes presents challenges. FOMO (Fear of missing out) is my constant companion and I can't help but think I'm missing out on something amazing. Now, this could be solved by sitting down and actually planning something....but since that's not likely to happen I've found another solution.

Instagram! People don't Instagram boring things. AND there is a way to look at instagram by location!

In the app, there is a search feature along the bottom menu navigation.

Click the icon and click on the search bar.  Clicking on the search bar activate the top level menu- click the far left tab on the top that says 'places'.

Now, you can look up your local area and comb for ideas! I really like scrolling down to the recently posted content. It's timely...so when you're looking for breakfast spots there's a good chance someon just posted their breakfast.

So...those Bloody Marys look intriguing- when you click on the image, you can typically figure out where to hunt it down yourself with the geotag at the top of the picture.  Here it looks like it's the Intercontinental! Not the sexiest location...so to be honest I would keep clicking around. BUT perfect example of the trick. 

What do you think? Could you handle my slapdash approach to planning or would I drive you nuts? How do you find things to do in a city?