5 Minute DIY: Running Medal Holder

For all the races i've run, I;ve never had a great place to put my medals. For the last 5 years, they've hung on a coat rack on the back of a little-used door. Without fail, when that door was opened, the cacophony of clanging metal startled me every time. 

Sooo....8 years too late, I present to you, my medal hanger.

You'll need:



Dowel Rod (saw to cut to length)


Cut 2 leather pieces into 2.5 inch x 7 inch strips

Fold them in half and hang them on the wall with brass nails. I found studs to nail into and I suggest you do too.

Once you hang the loops, thread your dowel through the loop.

Hang up your dowel.

Thread those medals and call it a day! It actually takes 5 minutes. 5! whoopie!