We built a lofted upholstered bed.

Ohhh my goodness, do I love this thing. We've never had a bed frame before.  I love how it makes the room feel more pulled together. We still need to sort out nightstands and bedside sconces but I was too excited about the bed to wait to share. 

It's hard for me to get the color captured in the photos, but the fabric is a navy twill. It's a nice deep true blue. 

You might also notice the mattress comes up to my waist. We lofted it for our dogs. If you would have told me I'd do something like that a few years ago, I would have thought you were nuts. But it's us. We're nuts.

Since getting Pippin, our second dog, our bedroom started to feel crowded at night. They sleep on two big dog beds on the floor that take up most of the walking room. We noticed that some nights, they would squeeze themselves underneath our bed. Both of them were just barely able to fit under there and more recently had been getting stuck when they tried to leave.

When I decided we should build ourselves a frame, we talked a lot about what we could do to help our space situation and came up with a lofted bed. It's really not hard to get into. It takes a little hop to pop up there- nothing more. 


Building the bed was pretty straightforward. We used a tutorial by Jenny from Little Green Notebook to construct the base.

IMG_7251 3.jpg

We didn't know what to do about our box springs. Keeping them in one piece would have made the bed WAY too tall and so we would have had to cut down the legs which really defeats the purpose of a lofted bed. 

We ended up cutting apart the box spring and keeping the structured surface it sat on. I wish I would have taken pictures of what it looked like while we were deconstructing it but, alas, I seemed to have skipped doing that.

Upholstering the head and footboard went quickly as well. I watched this tutorial by Design Sponge to get an idea of the process. All in all, I ended up using 12 yards of fabric between the head and foot board and wrapping the sides.

The tutorial suggests using upholstery foam. That stuff is EXPENSIVE. So, instead, I used egg carton bed foam from Walmart. I used two per head/foot board and flipped them so the bumpy sides faced each other. 

IMG_7217 2.jpg

I am really happy with the result. In a previous headboard I made, I used upholstery foam and I truly can't tell the difference between this implementation and that one.

With such a dark frame, I wanted to make sure everything else in the room felt lighter. 


I made a body pillow out of fabric I had been hoarding for a long time. We're not big decorative pillow fans so anything more than one pillow would just sit and collect dust. I think it could still use some tassels on the corners...

The duvet is from my dear love Schoolhouse Electric. I pine for most things in that store. Everything is all so beautiful.

The dogs love the bed too! As I was shooting this, they snoozed beneath.

IMG_7641 2.jpg

I'm so happy. 

But now the questions keep coming-

Sconces or lamps?

Dark or light nightstands? Wood or paint?

I just redid a dresser for this room that I found on craigslist for $65. That's coming tomorrow!