I'd like to sing the praises of eye lash primer..


On a whim, I picked up some eyelash primer at Ulta the other day. I was lost in the world of brow mascara (a conversation for another time) and in Tarte's section, the two sit close together.

A few years ago I discovered the magic of lip primer. I've been a steadfast user of Mac's product for the last 3 years. While a little expensive, my first tube lasted me 2 years with use 1-2 times/week. I accidentally tried to replace it with something else when my first tube ran out and BOY was that a mistake. I didn't see any added benefit from using Two Faced, NYX, ELF, or Covergirl. By the time I tried all of those, I should have just bought my dang Mac one. Lesson learned.

ANYWAY- marketing has really been getting to me on the eyelash primer. An article in Man Repeller that I can't find after spending 5 minutes looking, talked about this mascara with built-in primer. The total combo is $9! I will obviously be trying this as soon as my others run out. Amelia (I think) said she was so happy with this mascara she stopped getting fake lashes. STOPPED. GETTING. FAKE. LASHES. It was enough to sell me. 

Soo, back in Ulta about 2 days after I had read about that, I picked up primer. Holy cow it makes a difference. When I blink, I can feel the tips of my lashes touch my browbone? Eyelid bone? Whatever that thing is called. They're so long! 

I tried to get a picture of how long they are but the pictures are really terrible. I look cross-eyed and am so distracted by the fact,  I can't point your attention to the mascara. 

There we go, I've added a blue circle around the primed eye. That makes things SO MUCH better.

The eye withouth the circle doesn't have primer! Can you see the millimeter difference?


You can?!? 

Me too.

Prime your eyelids ladies. It changes everything.