Guess who's back...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there!

It’s been a minute!

I’ve had a few life changes since last checking in which, to be honest, led to the pause of the blog.

I have a daughter! Her name is Holly and she just turned a year old a few weeks ago. I also got my master’s degree in organizational leadership to build working knowledge for my day job. These life events kept me busy for awhile..


BUT, as it relates to this here blog…we moved! Having a baby and two dogs shifted some priorities for us real estate wise so, we committed fully to the burb life.

Quick note about the burbs of Denver- the grocery stores are amazing/overwhelming/full of anything and everything one could possibly need. In the prepared food section alone, they have meal kits, frozen fresh meals, hot and ready now, AND a counter to order whatever the prepped areas didn’t have. What is this new life?

The home we bought was move-in ready but Phil and I have a pretty significant wish list.

Wish lists mean more DIY projects! WOO HOO! I like looking at home content online so much, I would feel remiss if I didn’t document home #2 the same way I did the last. So- buckle up! I’ll be back Monday with the whole series of ‘before’ pictures.