It is time to renovate the kitchen.


After a little debate, as to whether we wanted to live in this kitchen for a year, we decided to pull the trigger and renovate.

The floor plan of the existing kitchen is just not cutting it for us. We thought we’d want to stick it out for a little while and see if we could get used to the layout…but no. We’re just going to go for it.

As a reminder, our current kitchen looks like this:


There is so. much. brown.

We’ve also got a few things going on that we hope to change.

  1. The desk space takes away SO MUCH STORAGE. I don’t often hang out right beneath the microwave so we’re going to fill this whole space with cabinets.

2. The illusive kitchen work triangle it totally hosed here. We’ve got a kitchen creature. The range is on an island that blocks your path to the fridge. My hips are bruised from banging into the corner so often. Yes, I could look where I am walking, but who has time for that?


We also see a missed opportunity with the oven placement.


It is further away from the cooktop and fridge and is a hefty cabinet to have on the end of the kitchen.

How will we fix this you ask?

I am so excited.

We worked with Home Depot to design a new layout.


We’ve missed the counter seating we had in our old place. The floor plan of the kitchen has enough room to accommodate an island for cooking and a peninsula for counter seating. It should also increase our storage situation which has been a really big challenge.


Only thing not featured in the mock up is the countertops. We’re doing a waterfall edge (yayyy!!!) along the countertop seating area. We found a quartz with some cool veining that should add some subtle drama. What everyone looks for in their kitchen, right?


We’re further adding storage on the other side of the room. We’re flipping the desk area into a pantry and moving the ovens over to this wall.


Cabinets are due to arrive in 4-5 weeks. In the mean time, we’re tackling the living room. Which is a post for next time.