Coat + Key Rack DIY

Coat + key Rack DIY

Much to my chagrin, we don't have a mudroom/entryway in our house. It's #2 on my wishlist for our next place right behind a yard bigger than a postage stamp. 

When you come home, there isn't a great place to put bags/keys/purses/coats etc. SO I decided to create a makeshift one along the wall.

Jenny, from Little Green Notebook, posted this photo which had my heart fluttering.

Photo from  her post here .

Photo from her post here.

I've held onto this image in the back of my brain and it seemed like the perfect solution for what we were working with.

Jenny's post has THE BEST instructions for how to make this beauty. I couldn't come up with a single missing piece in her tutorial. She's a genius folks.

It took about an hour to cut/assemble and then 3 coats of white oil-based paint.

When we screwed this into the wall, we made sure to hang it on 2 wall studs because we knew it would get some USE. We needed the shelf to be able to support 35+lbs. I believe Jenny recommends this practice as well but, I'll reiterate it :)


I was having trouble finding hooks I loved that weren't $1,000,000. I ended up finding these beauties at Target that share a similar profile to my kitchen hardware. I unscrewed them from their plastic mount and installed them on my new beautiful shelf!

I'm really happy with it. It's been hanging now for almost 6 months and has withstood heavy daily usage.  

Go build yourself one!